Q: Why the change in location?
A: Great question! It was a tough decision for us to leave our ole stompin’ grounds, trust us. We had event logistics down to a science there and loved being smack dab in the middle of Cumberland. The long and short answer is: INCREASES. Increases in attendance numbers and increases in cost.  At the end of the day, the Wing-Off is a fundraiser for many local non-profits and we are committed to its growth. Our new locale comes with a lot of new possibilities for expansion, and saves our bottom line thousands of dollars in facilities costs. We’re excited for you to see what we have planned!

Q: Does it cost anything to sample the wings?
A: Wings are distributed by each vendor at their own set cost.  Wing costs to the consumer may vary between vendors.

Q: Can I bring a cooler or beverage carrier?
A: No, All outside coolers are prohibited on festival grounds during the event.  You will not be permitted entry with any outside food or beverages.

Q: What is the policy on pets?
A: Sadly your four legged friends may not attend the event. For health and safety reasons any pets or animals will not be permitted on the festival grounds during the time of the event. Exceptions may be made for service animals.

Q: I purchased a ticket, what all is included?
A: Tickets will permit you access to the festival grounds. This includes access to all of the event festivities, entertainment, and assorted events. Hot Wing Samples, Vendor Items, Beverages, are not included with the cost of a purchased ticket, and neither are wings. Friendly reminder that this is a fundraiser… All ticket proceeds raised are going back into our community to benefit local non-profit groups. Your entry fee is going to a good cause, and believe us when we say it’s well worth the money!

Q: We’re bringing our child who is 12 years old. Does he/she need a ticket?
A: We have recently adjusted our policy to require children ages 12 and under to have a ticket ($10.00).  However, we will be lifting all of the fees associated with the activities inside the festival (bounce houses, mechanical bulls etc.)  We will not require an entry fee for our friends ages 3 and under.

Q: How young is too young for children?
A: There is no particular restriction or limit, but use your best parenting judgement. This will be a fairly active event complete with ongoing live entertainment that may be noisy in some areas. Children less than one (1) years of age may find such an active and noisy environment to be overwhelming or overstimulating in their still developing worldview, so if you are in any way concerned please consider calling up your favorite babysitter or dropping your youngin’ off with the parents or in-laws for a few hours while you come down and enjoy some wings. All children are the responsibility of their respective parents and guardians. DO NOT leave any child unattended while on the festival grounds.

Q: What happens in the event of inclement weather?
A: This event is rain or shine! 🙂 TheAllegany County Fairgrounds are equipped with a LARGE tents to keep us all nice and dry in the event of a quick summer sprinkle.

Q: Can I bring my own chair and canopy?
A: You are permitted to bring in your own folding chair.  Canopies are not permitted unless you have purchased a canopy pass from the online ticket portal.  There are only 50 canopy passes available.  As our festival grows, we’re limited on space.

Q: How much is soda, wings and beer?
A: We’re glad to have been able to keep prices low. Our vendors tend to break even for this event, all for the love of the chicken wing! Wings will be 3 for $2 at each booth. Beer prices range from $4-6:00. There will be a limited amount of souvenir beverage cups for sale for $5. With the purchase of this cup, you’ll receive a discounted beer price for each refill. Soda sells for $2.

Q: Where do I park?
A: There will be ample on-site parking located next to the event grounds.  Handicap parking will also be designated.

21 thoughts

  1. We are traveling in and staying in a nearby hotel and would like to be able to leave and re-enter the event as we please throughout the day. Is this possible?


  2. we are bringing small children, I see where you are not allowed to bring coolers or food. Can we bring drinks and snacks for the children?

    1. Hi Tammy,

      We will allow only small snacks like goldfish, or fruit. As far as drinks, we are providing water, but would consider something similar to juice boxes.

  3. I think there should be an exception for children and people with medical conditions I also have a diabetic attending with us, we will spend over the amount we paid in a ticket just for water. And she will need appropriate snacks through out the day as well. I totally agree with not bringing alcohol in but water and snacks should be allowed. We will be purchasing wings and such there, but you may want to revisit other allowable items.

    1. If you purchased your tickets online, you should have received a confirmation email from eventbrite which would have contained your printable ticket. If you did not receive it or have lost it, email tristatewingoff@gmail.com and include the name of which your tickets were ordered under and we will resend the confirmation email to your email address.

  4. We loved your event last year so 8 of us traveled from Pittsburgh this year. The new venue was nice. The bands were good. Food was okay. Not a lot of healthy choices for being at a 10 hour event. I thought I was in DC with all the white men on stage. No diversity. Steve Earle had the only female on stage all night…

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